Friday, January 30, 2015

Bits and Pieces

#30! This was, again, created from other pieces of past art work, although it's been almost all re-done. Parts of it are on fabric, which a cut into strips, painting around and in between. It's pretty textured because of the playing around!  sold


  1. Love it Laurie! Congrats to you! Your work has been fabulous this month, as always. Look forward to your collage :)

  2. Ingenious re-make Laurie! Looks great.
    I look forward to your 30 Day Review tomorrow.

  3. What a cool idea Laruie, with beautiful results

  4. Hi Laurie - love your 30 in 30! Great color and compositions! My faves are "Just Passing Through" (I have seen something like that in the mtns in Colorado..and it reminded me of it) and "Anticipation" - (reminds me of growing up in the 'burbs')