Sunday, September 27, 2015

Feeling Grounded

#28 of the challenge.  I set out with a few goals here: loose strokes, some palette knife, and most importantly, do it in 2 hours or less. I achieved all three! (no time for fiddling, faddling, mussing and fussing when you're timing yourself). I have to admit, though, it's easier for me in lots of cases to not have a reference. That's what allowed me to be faster and looser and just fly and enjoy. With a reference, you're required to really look, study, and be more precise. Both practices are great, but I did like not spending the whole day on it!
Wade, as always, sat at my feet the whole time. He really liked the greens in this one..


  1. Wade has a very discerning eye! Beautiful painting, Laurie!

  2. So lovely Laurie I love the greens too... and the reds... and the purpley background :)

  3. This is lovely, Laurie. I agree that working without a reference can make painting a piece easier - you do what feels right. This was right!