Tuesday, December 8, 2015

And a One...And a Two.....

Making weird looking people playing instruments is one of the most fun things I do! I know these people are really concentrating. So was I. I've been reading about how creating art is so good for our synapses of the brain. I would tell you exactly what it said, but I can't remember!..guess I'm not painting enough.....! Anyways, I'm going to be doing some more oils again, and will do more of these "band/orchestra members" for the challenge. 10x8 oil 


  1. Thanks for brightening my day with visual music! Love the so-called weird looking people playing tunes. Do you paint these scenes from a reference? Do tell.

    Your use of color … so yummy. So compelling.

    About those synapses. Hoping to grow a few new ones myself!

  2. Thanks so much, Terri and Dotty! Dotty, No exact reference really, except for a collection of sketches I've done in the past. I take bits and pieces and mix them up and go from there, always changing things. I have a huge box of sketches and every now and then go through them. I'll be using them a lot for the 30 in 30(And make new ones).

    1. So … when you take those bits and pieces from sketches to create your own scene, do you imagine a light source and paint accordingly?

  3. Love your music series! This is a great addition. Can't believe it's 30-30 time again. Looking forward to seeing more of your stunning work, Laurie.