Monday, April 4, 2016

Free Parking Two

I love daydreaming while doing a no reference painting. Just a spot here, a spot there. Rules are out the window. Just color, shapes, and random thoughts. A Twizzler or two, my Wade at my side, and my day is complete.  
And my days are about to get even more complete, as these babies are almost ready to go to their new homes. I better get cleaning. My art studio isn't exactly puppy friendly!


  1. Laurie, magical.

    So evocative. So much to feed my eyes and imagination.

    And, speaking of kinetic energy, when does new puppy join you?

    Love your use of the sky as quiet space/foil for the kinetic energy alive below.

    1. Thanks, Dotty! And the puppy comes home on or about April 21! I hope Wade will be half as excited as I am!

  2. Laurie, you manage to create awesome pieces with just a 'spot here and a spot there' - wonderful. Won't you have fun when the new pup gets there?

  3. Where's the button "click to bid", for the puppies?? lol

  4. Hilarious, Terri! Maybe I should include it!

  5. LOL, puppy bids cute. I love the quiet sky, the happy greens and how you build your reflections an give movement to the water What a fun to live in a place like this, you couldn't help but to have a smile on your face :) I am dog/puppy sitting this week. And the lttle one wants to play and bug big sister, who is far to old for such nonsense. But they walk together and sleep together, so it's all good. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks, Sheila! Wouldn't this be a great location for a bunch of us to go sit and paint for a few days!?

  7. A new puppy? How fun! Twizzlers too? Wow - love this painting. Your daydreams always turn out fab!

  8. Lovely painting Laurie! Love all the bits of colour, very exciting!