Sunday, January 8, 2017

I Don't Feel Right About This

 This guy is very, very skeptical. He just seemed paranoid about his surroundings. Sweet thing. So I snapped a photo and decided he would be #9 of the challenge.I saw him at the groomer where I take my Wade and Luddie. Oh, I love these characters! 8x10 oil.
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  1. "Fish eye" - the ability to check out your surroundings without turning your head. This guy is very good at it. Love him, Laurie!

  2. The lift of the chin. The eyes not making contact. The painted shadows. The shadows cast by the paint. Magnificent.

    1. Magnificent.....I'll take it! Thanks, Dotty!

  3. Cute dog and he definitely looks like he needs grooming - lol. well done Laurie

  4. Ha! Yes, he did need grooming. Thanks, Val!

  5. Laurie, this dog could be the doppelganger to my cousin's dog, I have tried a couple of times to paint her, but to no outcome I was satisfied with, this one is great and I know how tricky this breed is to paint. Nice ONE!