Friday, August 15, 2014

Birmingham Community House Fun

Wow, it's been a fun 2 weeks at the Birmingham Community House! Art camp for kids, and Canvas and Corks last night......."Downtown Winedown". The scene was inspired by one of my paintings, "At Rest Two". These are awesome! They did a great job, especially since it was a fairly complex pattern and we had limited time. Very fun! Thank you, Patty, Nevan, and Meg for help and contributing to a great night. And the kids? I think they learned a few things and had some fun. I know I did.   
The Community House is a nonprofit that helps communities by providing educational, cultural and wellness programs, and also scholarships to improve people’s personal and professional lives. I appreciate my association with them!


  1. Wow Laurie these are wonderful, what a great place!!! Wish it was by me and wish I could take your corks and drinks class!! We would not quit until everthing was painted!

  2. What lucky kids!! Great job, Laurie. Think of teaching an adult class?