Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Prayer for Carolena

This is an angel painting I did for a friend and relative's baby that is on the way. I did something different, and wrote a prayer/poem to go with it. I had it printed on transparent paper and put it in front of the painting. I found out the hard way that an inkjet printer won't do it, and it had to be printed with a laser printer. Anyways, I found what I thought was the perfect frame. It seemed like they loved it! I like the text on it, and I may do this again for special gifts or as a custom project. I have always loved writing poems, but never really incorporated it with my paintings.


  1. Her face is beautiful and what a beautiful thoughtful poem. You have a big heart Laurie!!!!!!

  2. I have been waiting to see this and it was absolutely worth the wait! What a beautiful heartfelt gift! It had to be their favorite! I love the crop; that the angel is almost walking out of the painting toward Carolena. I love the blessing; the frame - the whole piece. It's just perfect!!