Sunday, October 25, 2015

Worth the Wait

I had some of the things that we concentrated on in the Mark Mehaffey workshop on my mind...mainly that I was going to do a mostly neutral painting so the colors would pop. I also love negative painting, so the people are mostly all negatively painted (I carved around the objects). We talked about that in a class I teach and how good it is to train your eye to see the shapes around objects. We've also been talking about starting a painting with the big shapes and values, worrying about the details later. So much to little time......!


  1. such an interesting piece! I find the explanation really enhanced my viewing of this painting - it made me look more closely.

  2. Really interesting... love how the light leads the eye. Negative painting is a challenge, and you have mastered it!

  3. It's not only beautiful, it is really engaging! Love it, Laurie.