Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brown Eyed Girl

I loved playing with glazes again here. So fun to use Indian Yellow especially. But also Burnt Sienna and Magenta. This nice girl is just chilling out in a nice cool field and reflecting on her life, and where she wants to be in five years......should she go back to school? Get a different job? Take up art? It all seems so cow-plicated right now.


  1. Shapes, values, colors—yup! That is why brown eyed girl is able to walk right into the room here with me, bringing her mass, bone structure, calm nature, and contemplative mood with her. Laurie, you are masterful. Love your post, too. I tutor a 7th grade boy who has just (barely) started a blog for his art, and I plan to share your writing with him to give him a sense of how his words can complement his art. Thank you!

    1. Thank YOU, Dotty, for the compliments. But that lucky student of yours already has an amazing example: YOU!

  2. This is super!I was expecting a sultry brunette and got a real surprise when the pic came up. So much fun Laurie!

  3. LOVE her! Love those long flirty lashes! (Batting mine, LOL) Love the joyful song in my head. Love the laugh from you play on words. Thanks for the day brightener Laurie :)