Monday, May 23, 2016

Class Creations!

Here are the birch trees (some didn't bring) from last week (mine included). Awesome job! And today we played musical chairs. We started out at with a drawing using Jessica Miller's portraits as our inspiration. They got the shape of the head and shadow shapes done. Then they blocked in the darks. Then the bossy teacher had them move to the next seat for 4 minutes.....and on and on for 4 minute intervals until a whole rotation was complete and they ended back at their original seat. BUT, they had to do it upside down! The picture each was given, had to be placed upside down, and the painting thusly was upside down. The bossy teacher didn't even let them turn it right side up even once. This is a VERY good exercise to do in that the brain can't get in the way by saying things like "hey this doesn't look like a face, hey this doesn't look right, etc"). They were only to concentrate on SHAPES and VALUES and colors. And lo and behold, they turned out great! A very fun class at the Birmingham Community House, as always.

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  1. THANK YOU for sharing these awesome paintings! Keep painting, you guys!

    Laurie, a request: could you please do a postscript post showing all of the faces upside down?