Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Little Boat and a Tree

There once was a boat and a tree.
Who became good friends, one could see.
But the tree always feared that one day,
the boat would just plain sail away. 
But he learned there's one thing that's a must,
To believe in his faith and his trust.
that although sometimes life brings dismay, 
All things will work out the right way.

This little poem just came out of nowhere, just like the painting did. I believe it, though, with all my heart. "Keep the Faith" is more than just a little saying. It's an anchor. It will get us all through the toughest times in life. And that's what I have to say about that...


  1. The colors jump off the screen!


  2. You have said what you have to say about that exquisitely—in both paint and poesy.

    The light and the shadow … mmmmmm.

  3. Awesome poem! Awesome tree, grass, hills, little boat. LOVE the clear blue water, glowing from within. Love that light!

  4. Thanks for reminding me of a childhood friend who always said bye by saying "keep the faith". :)