Saturday, July 30, 2016

Made Ya Look

I was invited to a friend's house one day this week, who lives in a big, cool, old farmhouse. Chickens, hens, roosters, turkeys, bee houses, garden, and probably more animals on the way. Like miniature animals. Like a miniature donkey! I'll be going back. We had lunch overlooking part of Lake St. Clair, and there were lots of these guys. It was a sunny day, the water was alive and shimmering, and the sky was blue. A fish reuben sandwich and a fun conversation made it a great day. Thanks, Claudia!  

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hold Me

I found this little guy at our local farmer's market. There was a whole group of baby ducks. I don't know what a group of ducks is called. Not a gaggle, not a flock, I can google it, but might just wait to see if it comes to me first. What a concept! Anyways, I cropped it really close, and the big challenge immediately became apparent: AHHHH...hands! No! Say it ain't so! But nothing beats practice. So I practiced. And it was fun! Little Luddie is starting to let mom paint more often. Photos coming soon of a beautiful Golden Retriever growing up.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Know My Mother Loves Me

Silly faced little guy. But not silly enough that his Mom would think he's anything but perfect!
I had a Mom like that. Boy, how lucky was I! I am back to oils more often than not, because that's what is set up in my makeshift studio. I love them. Especially that yellow green. Gearing up mentally for the challenge!

Saturday, July 23, 2016


I saw this man walking in Leland, Michigan. He seemed very sweet and gentle, and made me wonder if he was a Grandpa. So when I started to paint him, I decided to give him a grandchild. Oh, how I love the artist license! This is 8x10, oil on canvas.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Wow, it's been a while! As they say, life gets in the way sometimes, and I haven't been on my computer much. I am looking forward to getting back in the groove and checking out what all my friends are doing, too. This commissioned piece came at the right time. It made me very happy to do this dog painting. A friend lost her beloved dog some time ago, and wanted a memory. It is 20x20, and I framed it for her in a floater frame from Great service and prices! It allows for the whole image to be visible. It was important here, because of that paw down there. Every fraction of an inch had to show. Anyways, with all the horrible things going in in this world, I was grateful to paint this cute face. I will be participating in the 30 in 30 challenge coming up. How? I don't know! I had to move my studio into our dining room, as we wanted the puppy to have a quiet space downstairs. Yes, the puppy trumps my space right now! He's worth it, too. I hope many of you will join me in the challenge. I love the support and friendships that we share for that month.