Saturday, September 3, 2016

You Look Pretty

# 3 of the challenge. As I've said, I love observing people and wondering what their lives are like. When I saw this couple, she just seemed really down and discouraged. He turned to her at one point and said something. I didn't see her reaction, but I imagined and hoped that he said something really nice, really uplifting, and just sweet. Maybe it made her day. We all need that sometimes! It doesn't take much to encourage and uplift most of us. Just a moment of compassion can make a huge difference!
Oh, and I loved her little feet and how they didn't touch the ground! 


  1. So sweet Laurie, and I love the story you have imagined :) I love that ou noticed her feet not reaching... story of my life hahaha. Love your light!

  2. Laurie, I am SO happy to be seeing your name, not to mention your paintings!, in my inbox every day again. Not only do Honey's feet not touch the ground, but also the little inturn of her left foot tells the story of her down-and-discouraged day. Just after you snapped the photo, Big Guy did tell her she was pretty and he gave her a warm little kiss. Best news of all, she's got an appointment with her hairdresser on Tuesday; between that little kiss and the promise of a sassy new do, watch out world!

    Such fun for my eyes to travel round and round this painting, taking in all the light and shadow you've captured so compellingly.

  3. I really like the stories you make up to go with your art. This is lovely with a lovely sentiment.