Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Good Dog" and Birch Trees

One of the things we do ("assignments") in class is to do a Birch Tree painting. I feel it's a great exercise because of the many things we talk about while doing it and after. Things like texture (using various "tools"), values, colors (warm, cool, etc) atmospheric perspective, composition, and more. It still amazes me that some of these people have never even held a paintbrush! These are some of the results of our project. I am so in awe of how they just go right at it- especially since a blank canvas can be so intimidating. It's a great group because we all help each other and everyone supports each other. Lots of talent here, and I have a feeling they will keep painting. 
Now as far as "Good Boy", that is my Birch Tree painting! I tried and tried, and couldn't stand what I was creating in those trees. Just wasn't making me happy. So.......one mark became a shoulder, then a figure, then a dog, and soon there was no evidence of a single tree. So that's a lesson in itself. If it just isn't happening  for you, just make marks and see what it starts to look like. One of  the students said yesterday as she worked on her painting, "This painting is telling me what it needs". I love that!  
"Good Dog" is sold

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Back Me Up

It's still hard not to give it a number! The challenge was great, but I love a little slower pace, too. I am lucky to be doing 2 commission pieces now, and I'm taking my time on the first one. I never knew that a Texas Longhorn is called a Watusi. But I do now, and he's mostly finished. The other will be a lot of fun, because it's a dog! Several months ago I took an art journey with my good buddies and fellow artists, Kristen Dukat, Gloria E.Moses, and Marianne Von Rohr. During a painting day, I started this one. I forgot about it until a few days ago. So I finished it and I'm very happy with it.
I love the stained glass looking colors. It's oil, 10x8, and I'm going to try to figure out how I did that, so I can try to do it again. Wish me luck!
available on:

Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Good Buddies" and The bird grew!

I wanted to experiment to see how large I could have one of those companies do my artwork on canvas. So I took my little guy, "I'll Start Again" (day 1 of the challenge), waited for a sale, and sent the image off to, in this case, Printerpix. I was thrilled! It is a teeny, tiny bit blurry, but I need to learn a little more about resizing ,etc. It is a way I can have larger art work in my home, and/or offer larger art to people for a fraction of the price, and still have it as "sort of" original!. I think this was $60.00. Just a fun thing to experiment with. I also have a large angel above my fireplace, complete with a wide, beautiful, Salvation Army frame that I got for $20.00! Maybe I'll show that next time, since I'm sure not making art every day for a while!
And I started a painting with my class on Monday. Just an imaginary still life. They did great! It was to show starting a painting using thumbnails, and concentrating on values and big shapes first. I finished mine at home, and I can't wait to see theirs on Monday. I am so lucky to be able to have so many repeat students, and new ones combined at every class. They're awesome because we're all there to share, to learn, and to laugh. Takes your mind off everything for a few hours! Anyways, here's my imaginary still life! 10x8 and available on: