Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Good Buddies" and The bird grew!

I wanted to experiment to see how large I could have one of those companies do my artwork on canvas. So I took my little guy, "I'll Start Again" (day 1 of the challenge), waited for a sale, and sent the image off to, in this case, Printerpix. I was thrilled! It is a teeny, tiny bit blurry, but I need to learn a little more about resizing ,etc. It is a way I can have larger art work in my home, and/or offer larger art to people for a fraction of the price, and still have it as "sort of" original!. I think this was $60.00. Just a fun thing to experiment with. I also have a large angel above my fireplace, complete with a wide, beautiful, Salvation Army frame that I got for $20.00! Maybe I'll show that next time, since I'm sure not making art every day for a while!
And I started a painting with my class on Monday. Just an imaginary still life. They did great! It was to show starting a painting using thumbnails, and concentrating on values and big shapes first. I finished mine at home, and I can't wait to see theirs on Monday. I am so lucky to be able to have so many repeat students, and new ones combined at every class. They're awesome because we're all there to share, to learn, and to laugh. Takes your mind off everything for a few hours! Anyways, here's my imaginary still life! 10x8 and available on:


  1. A super deal on the enlargement - good idea. I really like your little still-life, Laurie. The colours are so clean and vibrant,it just glows.

  2. What a great post! Thanks for the info on Printerpix. The bird looks pretty good!!
    Love your still life. Good to hear you're teaching. What a lucky bunch of students!!

  3. Laurie, I'm laughing at and identifying with your saying "I'm sure not making art every day for a while!" Thirty days in a row sure are nothing to sneeze at. Love knowing that you are back teaching a class. Love your bird's having become larger than life.

  4. Love the still life, and WOW, that large version is awesome!