Friday, March 10, 2017

Art work enlarged!

I just received 2 more canvasses with my artwork printed on them, and I'm very happy! I thought you might like a look. The first one was a little 6x6 oil, and the second one was an 8x10 oil. They are both now 24 x20. I'm trying to learn more about resolutions, sizing, etc. is who I used and I love this new fun adventure. It gives us more impact in our home, but also gives an option to buyers who want bigger art for their money. I'm heading out for the weekend with my daughter for our annual trip. Can't wait. A cold couple days by the lake. Yay! 


  1. LOVE the larger sizes, Laurie. Thanks for sharing the site with us.
    Have a safe, wonderful adventure!!

  2. aha! You switched up your banner again : )

    WOW. Thanks for posting these enlargements, Laurie. They look magnificent.

    Have a grand time with Meg. I'll be thinking about you two laughing and have fun together.

  3. Happy travels to you both :) These both look great :)

  4. The enlargement look super Laurie - a great idea. Have a safe and fun trip.

  5. Have to check them out - have fun on your vacay!