Friday, March 3, 2017

Sea of Love

Another imaginary scene from another life I guess! I love making these blocks/shapes of color. It's very relaxing to me. And I found myself singing  "Sea of Love" while painting, so the title was easy! Such a great song.
 I am really looking forward to the Donna Zagotta workshop at the end of the month. (  She is one of my favorite artists, and I'm looking forward to getting back to watercolors and learning her unique technique of watercolor and white gouache. 
(Plus a little birdie told me she is a very nice person!)
More to come on that! But before that happens, our yearly trip to Saugatuk is coming up! My daughter, Meg, and I go every single year during St Patrick's day time. It is so special and we both look forward to it starting at Christmas. We love the dog parade there, where all the dogs are dressed in costumes.There is not one face in the crowd that doesn't have a smile while watching. A very fun March is coming up, and I am so incredibly grateful!


  1. LOVE your painting, Laurie! A stunner!
    Yes, March will be the BEST month. Your annual trip to Saugatuk sounds wonderful - worth the drive just to see the dog parade! Bet you and your daughter will never stop laughing.
    And ending the month with Donna Zagotta - perfect. She is an incredible artist!

  2. Another super painting Laurie and the workshop you are going to sound like a great one. - have fun with your daughter at the dog parade.

  3. Love this! I want to walk that golden path and see what treasures are beyond. Sounds like a super month, hope you will share some photos of the parade :) Thanks for sharing the link, looks like more fun!!

  4. Shapes of color, splashes of magic. Here a shape, there a color and—POW!—it's summer, I am wearing simple sheath, holding hands with my luvvy, feeling the summer air on my skin, hearing the lanyards clanking against masts. Thanks, Laurie!

    Have a grand time in Saugatuck with Meg. Enjoy your end-of-month workshop. Woo hoo!

    1. Thank you, Dotty! Love your description as usual!