Thursday, August 31, 2017

September, 2017, 30 in 30!

 #1 of the September 2017, 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. "Third Time is the Charm". I always seem to start with one of my imaginary birds. Well, this is the third time, hence the title. It has become a tradition. These guys who have no specific species, just seem to get me off to a silly and good start.
To Bring Him Home
All shipping for the challenge paintings is free!
 Life is busy right now in lots of ways (like everyone's, but I am going to try to finish the whole month....we'll see!) I look forward to seeing all my art friends and their work, too!

New Artwork

On top- "Mommy Longlegs". Yes, that's right. This was one I named after the fact!

Then, a thick oil painting (landscape) called "Tabasco"

Then comes "Ascent" A large collage I just entered into a contest. In fact, I have my fingers crossed for several entries right now into various contests.

And finally, "I Fell For You", a redo of an earlier version.

These are all available on

Friday, August 4, 2017


This is Anabelle. She has recently passed away. Her wonderful family had asked me to paint her so they could have a lasting memory. What a joy it was, although bittersweet. She just seemed to be helping me paint. I have begun something recently that I didn't pay much attention to before: painting the eyes first. The eyes are my most challenging part, because I believe it's the eyes that reveal the soul. So it's been good for me to do that. Once they are perfect (to me, and I always hope to the family, too), then I can take a deep breath and move on. The family was very pleased with this and that's what matters to me.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Order In The Court!

You guessed it.....another imaginary floral. Could I be having more fun than this? I don't think so. Every now and then I think to myself, "Self, you need to get more serious with your paintings". But then the other side self says "Other side self, paint what you WANT to paint on any given day". So I'm going with the other side self. Anyways, this group is rowdy. It's hard to get them under control.
It's 14x11 and Acrylic