Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I love dogs! And I have so much fun painting them that I am starting a series (with a few other subjects in between I'm sure!). For this "adopt me" series,  I am offering free shipping in the USA.This little guy or girl looked impish to me. I love the different personalities in dogs. My own dog, Wade, is something like I've never seen before. He sleeps in, (long after we get up sometimes), he sometimes has to be persuaded to take a treat, and eats dinner very slowly and deliberately while chewing each bite for a long time (hmmmmmm, maybe I should try that.....). He is all those things all wrapped up in love! Plus it's that gentleness of his soul that makes him a wonderful therapy dog. All dogs, just like people, have their own personalities, and I just love that!  


  1. Just LOVE your new series, Laurie. It's obvious you love dogs. Can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing new stuff about Wade - what a character he must be!

  2. So sweet, and I love the purples! I think it reflects a fun personality :)

  3. Thank you, Chris! Welcome back! And Sue and Sheila, your comments are so appreciated!