Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Don't Even Think About It

This was inspired by a photo I took in Saugatuk, Michigan last year (although it looks nothing like the photo now. Typical) My daughter and I go there every year (sometimes twice). But one of the trips is always during St Patty's day weekend. We go there that weekend to see their annual St. Patty's day dog parade! We laugh, we eat, we shop, and we go to the dog parade. The dogs are all dressed up, there is candy being tossed to the bystanders, and we are like children scooping up an occasional Tootsie roll or two. The poor little children who have to scramble to get to the candy before we do! We both love dogs. I sometimes get distracted away from the dogs by being so enthralled at looking at the people's faces. There usually is not ONE face without a smile on it when watching these dogs. I love that. All the troubles in the world can melt away for a while, just by watching these characterful dogs in costumes. Amazing!  These trips with Meg are among my happiest times in life. And it's coming up soon-woohoo!! 


  1. Thanks for the morning smile!

  2. Love the title, love your creation of shadows, love your capturing the gestural story told by the dog, love the story of your dog parade weekends with your daughter in Saugatuck, and love that we both have daughters named Meg.