Monday, December 3, 2018

Hello, World!

Long time, no blog! Like all of us, life goes in cycles and things get put on the back burner. For me, it's been a wonderful whirlwind. Life is fun and busy and sometimes very challenging. I am blessed on this Christmas season in so many ways. My family and friends being the most significant. We are lucky here in Michigan: no hurricanes, fires, or floods. So many people are suffering and I am grateful every single day for what I have. That includes a 6 year old Grandson and twins that are now 11 months old! Wow.....
I took a little break from painting, as other obligations have become a priority. Our summer was marked by the sad passing of our big, beloved, sweet dog, Wade. He only lived 2 weeks after being diagnosed with Lymphoma. A huge shock. We weren't the only ones who grieved. Our other Golden, Luddie, grieved unlike anything I've ever witnessed with dogs. Wade was a wonderful therapy dog. One of the first things I did was train (with help) his little brother, and Luddie is now a full fledged therapy dog. I felt it would be good for him, and selfishly for me.  
I'm including several pictures- of the twins, and of some random paintings, and of some recent commissions. You can see lots of my paintings, old and new, on my new instagram site, too. It's  Woo-Hoo, I'm SO high tech!
                                                                Let's Dabble
                                                                The Old Green Chair
                                                                   From All of Us
                                                The Adventures of a Little Blue Ball
                                                              Lil Enchilada
                                                        Waiting For My Bride
                                                             A New View
                                                              A Happy Grandma
Available paintings are on
I wish everyone a peaceful and healthy Christmas/Holiday!


  1. Sorry to hear about the passing of your pup - our furry friends are such a big par tof lour lives it is hard when they have to leave us. You have some super paintings here and it is nic eto see that you keep going during the whirlwind that is life.

  2. Welcome back, Laurie!

    Wade - SO sorry. You and your family, including Luddie, must be gutted.

    But there is a sweet poem that begins, "Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge" - a beautiful, happy, sunshine filled place where a loving pet who has died goes to wait to be reunited with someone he has loved; a place where he is restored to perfect health & plays with other animals until you meet again. I bet Wade is waiting there for you... And he is very patient (no hurry) :)

    Those babies! What joy they must bring to your family. I'm sure you don't have any problem remembering that a grandma's job is to spoil them!

    And lucky us! We will be able to feast on your lovely paintings again and leave your lovely blog with a smile.

  3. Thank you, Chris! I have read the Rainbow Bridge, and it gives me comfort. Hope all is well! xo

  4. So sorry for you loss, it's heart breaking to lose loved ones, and pets are family too ;) Can't believe those cuties are so "old"! Oh the fun I bet you are having! So happy to see your work, you have been missed Laurie :)

  5. It's wonderful to receive your post and know you are "back." I missed your postings! My condolences for the loss of your dear friend and family member Wade. You were very blessed to have him in your life. Oh, my, the twins are so beautiful, growing so fast. What joy they must bring! It is very good to see your creative artwork again. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday!

  6. Time does go on - sorry for the loss of your dog. I know that feeling - we have 14 1/2 Weimer who has 'walking issues' with spinal lesions and a 15 1/2 doxie that has spinal compression issues and is barely walking - both need constant and vigilant care (like Doggy Hospice around here) on the managing of potty breaks and eating..but we continue on, probably for not much longer, but I refuse to deal with it until after Christmas. I guess it's never a good time. YOUR twins are so cute! What a lap full! Have a great Christmas - find some time for artistic expression and enjoy!

    1. Oh Pattie, I hope your baby is still with us...... thank you!