Monday, November 16, 2015

Negative Paintings

I was going through some older camera cards and found these pictures I took from several years ago of paintings of mine. I did alot of negative paintings as a way of using up scraps of paper from other paintings. ( I don't throw out anything with my paint on it! You can always use those pieces for collages, negative paintings, small paintings of their own, etc). With these, many were matted and framed, lots were printed and made bookmarks and placemats (laminated), and I had a lot of fun with them. So I may just do a few more!  


  1. Totally AWESOME! Laurie, thank you for the gift of this post. I am living with a higher-than-usual level of distractibility these days and a bunch of backwash from the past month+, leaving me in a new place with my painting; i.e. I need ideas I can jump into easily. I'm thinking small-scale negative paintings might be just the ticket. I am so grateful for your absolutely delightful eye-catching negative paintings as inspiration.

  2. Thanks, Dotty and Sheila! It is definitely worthwhile to do some negative painting. Good exercise for the brain!