Friday, September 8, 2017


#8 of the challenge. I came across this Dad recently with his boy. I loved the feeling I got from them. 
I won't make the whole challenge all the way through this month. Just can't seem to fit in all this painting right now. But I love it and so it will just be a little spotty, and I want to work bigger. I may even get myself a new device so that I can do things online without pulling out the computer. (I sound low tech, but I'm not that bad!). So we'll see. Just as I had decided this, I spotted a half finished funny dog on my easel. So we'll see. 😉
Oh and by the way, I appreciate my art friends online and in person more than you know. The comments and camaraderie are treasured so much!


  1. I'm doing the 30 in 30 too-that's how I found your painting-which I love, by the way!!!

  2. Thank you, Debra! And I've checked out your blog, too. Wonderful!

  3. Your skin on my skin
    your muscles holding mine, no-
    thing better. Priceless.

    the softnesses and shadows here : )

  4. You captured beautifully the intimacy between the father and child!

  5. A wonderful feeling in this piece - well done Laurie. Btw - whatever you do will delight us all.

  6. Love the light, and the shapes in the grasses. Such a wonderful capture :) Always glad to see your work, Laurie. Popping in and out is always allowed :)

  7. You're right - relationships are priceless! Love this painting, Laurie!
    Life happens - paint when you can.