Thursday, March 1, 2018

To the Moon and Back

#29 of the challenge. This was another class painting that we all did together. My first goal for this one was to practice putting a bold stroke down and leaving it. It takes a lot of practice not to fuss and fiddle. And also negative space painting was reinforced and practiced. I'll post a group of photos of their paintings before this session ends. They are doing great! 


  1. Oh, how I wish I were in the class. To put down a stroke and not fiddle with it and come back takes a lot of confidence. Each one of your beautiful paintings show that!

    1. Same here, Laurelle. I wish you all could be in the class!

  2. I wish, I wish, I wish. (tapping my heels three times.) I wish that I could be in that class ;) This was such a bolt of "Hello Happy Day!" Thank you Laurie :)

  3. I opened your blog and immediately felt myself take a deep relaxing cleansing breath. Then I saw the title and recognized my inhale-exhale for the nourishing trip to the moon and back that it was. Finally, I read your post with deep appreciation for the uplift and assertion that comes from putting a bold stroke down and leaving it—having literally just come from my studio where I was, happily, in the fuss-and-fiddle stage of a painting that began, also happily, with many bold strokes : )

  4. Like Laurelle and Sheila, I wish I could take the class too. Bold strokes are the very devil to leave alone and learning how they all go together would be a bonus. This is lovely Laurie - so bright and cheerful.