Monday, January 25, 2016

#25 It's Speaking to Me

#25 of the challenge. When a painting speaks, we listen! It's always fun to find just the right one that moves us in some way. By the way, I am offering free shipping in U.S. on all my paintings for the challenge month! 
And, it seems my blog is once again being mailed out to subscribers!


  1. Laurie, you have so effectively captured the looking (listening?!) postures of folks taking in art, with such captivatingly gestural lines. Fun!

    Three cheers for success with blog transmission. Did transmissions resume of their own accord, or did you figure something out? Either way, hip hip hooray!

  2. Thanks, Dotty, this also came from 3 or 4 sketches from years ago in a drawer. Picked up on the gestures and went to work. I'm running out of ideas at this point. My classes start today that I teach, and I know my students will inspire me! As far as the blog, I fooled around in there...."pinged" it, resynced it, and just kept trying to refresh it. Then Voila! Meg let me know she got it! So was it me or a fluke? Who cares?!

  3. Hi Laurie. The Art Fair is great! You captured everyone doing what they do at an art show.......havin a good look!

  4. Wonderful piece, just draws you way into that back corner!

    1. Thanks, Sheila! Just as long as you come back out-haha

  5. Love to see people observing art at an art fair...what draws them in and holds their attention.Feels like I am there.

  6. Fabulous! It really brings back memories; the color, the sound, the people looking and searching for that special piece. It is great to be an artist who can share their vision with the world! Super,Laurie!