Saturday, February 24, 2018

Birch in Blue

#24 of the challenge. This was another step by step with the class. The assignment was to pick a color theme. I picked an analogous scheme, and I can't believe the variations in the student's paintings. They just dive right in, and create beautiful paintings! My colors were blues, pinks, and violets, and I left some of that beautiful toned color to shine through. 


  1. The color scheme enhances the serene scene...very peaceful!

  2. Laurie, your students (and you!) must have such a blast with your assignments. It's hard sometimes to remember the gifts of limits, but your painting is a gift of just that. I love the now-the-day-is-over-night-is-drawing-nigh feel of this piece—the cooling and calming of dusk with hints of the day's warmth still radiating through.

  3. A wonderful piece with a great colour combination, Laurie. The pink lights on the ground are so similar to what I see in my yard during sunset in the winter. - lovely!