Monday, February 5, 2018

Lil Enchilada

#5 of the challenge. 

This little boat just floats along, and sings his own little tune.
There's nothing to prove, and no need to race,
And for that he's over the moon!

Mexican food is his all time fav, and that's where he got his name.
He shares the joy he feels inside,
and feels no need for fame. 

He knows that things will be alright, in good times and in sad,
And knowing this he hums along, 
How freeing for the lad!

(Sorry, my sweet daughter- all you did was share some vacation pictures with me, and look what you got! haha)


  1. Laurie! Love your sweet poetry. Maybe you could do a children's book? Maybe a Blurb book for two special children with your artwork and poetry? (like you don't have anything else to do...)
    Teasing aside, love your painting - great pop of red!

  2. Ha! Thanks, Chris.....actually I had thought about that at one time. Maybe it's time to re-visit the idea! And I'd be honored to have you contribute your beautiful art in those books!

  3. WOW! The image, the words, WOW! Yeah, Chris has a great idea. So blessed for you sharing your talent and light with us!

  4. thank you for a lil afternoon vacation, laurie!

  5. This is wonderful Laurie. I really like the green against the blue. Great poem too!