Saturday, February 10, 2018

"Your Time Will Come"

#10 of the challenge. This bird made it's nest right outside of our garage and it was cool to watch her every day! There are lots of transparent glazes on this painting, giving it lots of depth. This is hard to capture with my camera. This has 1 1/2 inch gallery wrapped sides that are painted to extend the image around it. No frame is needed, and it also looks very cool sitting on a shelf!  


  1. I wonder if you created that 'nest material' in a 'paint behind' method - I love this one - when we left KS, I was most sad about leaving MY BIRDS, every spring I really enjoyed watching the return of many a species and all the on the prairie we have different birds - not so much at the feeders - no trees nearby. This painting makes me remember, thanks!

    1. Thank you, Pattie, I'm not sure what the "paint behind" method is. Maybe you can let me know- I'd be curious!

  2. The more time one looks at this, the more subtle depths of color and interest one can appreciate. The nest is wonderful...all those seemingly random shapes and colors that make a very concrete nest, the washes of blues and purples and greens in the container of the nest are quite amazing...and then the interesting background highlighting the bird. Really quite brilliant!

  3. What a wonderful painting! The whole thing is fabulous but I really like the nest. Great job Laurie.

  4. I'm guessing this one would look really cool sitting on a NEST on a shelf!

    Laurie, what a 'capture' you've made here with your hand, eye, brush, paint, and soul.

  5. LOVE the nest. The shapes, the colors, the perfect randomness. The glowing creature, just as any new mama would be ;) The warmth and texture behind, and the lovely purply blues in front. All come together so wonderfully and show why you are a master ;) So lovely Laurie!