Tuesday, February 13, 2018


#13 of the challenge. We had an "adventure day" one day this past summer and went to a dairy farm. This little calf was really friendly and cute! I decided to paint him with the goal of  a colorful and graphic looking outcome.     


  1. Colorful? √
    Graphic-looking? √
    Signature Laurie? √

    So much fun going to the dairy farm via your paint brush. I can hear the wind and the movements of this little bovine, smell the farmyard, feel a breeze on my skin. That little tag on the ear really finishes this piece artistically.

    Awesome? √

  2. Colorful and graphic, very much so! Cows CAN be sweethearts - I find the cattle farmers, don't always give them that benefit. AT least the ones I know or knew. Love the color! bold!!

  3. How cute! A great colour combination Laurie. This piece could make a person re-evaluate their opinion of cows.

  4. Graphic for sure! And so very Laurie! The cow is the star, but I love what you did with the fence ;)