Sunday, February 11, 2018

While Supplies Last

#11 of the challenge. These girls got up early to get to the big sale. But one of them was running late because she almost couldn't find her green scarf. So now they're in a big rush. They may have jeopardized their chance of being first in line. And to make it worse, the other two are irritated and blaming her because she's always late. They may need to talk this out. But not now. They need to get there.


  1. Haha! Love this story! Great painting too - love the simplicity and light. Inspiring!

  2. Great narrative to a wonderful painting. Besides the interesting colors in the figures and their shadows, I really am drawn to their shadows in the sidewalk intertwined with the plant shadows.

  3. Your narrative paintings are so much fun, Laurie! What Green Scarf doesn't know is that she has a stain on her scarf, and her girlfriends have no interest in letting her know!

    1. And why would they, Dotty? They have missed many a good sale because of redhead.

  4. Love the painting, the green caught my eye right off. I think you all are being just a little to hard on Red. She's probably just a little insecure. Remnants of childhood.Always being teased for her hair. She feels better with her green scarf on. Makes her feel a little, exotic. Her dark haired friends would never understand. ;)

  5. I don't understand people who go to sales - crowds and noise AND the bargains are rarely as good as you want - lol. This is s a super painting Laurie.